Capri Deli is a deli restaurant and market located in 713 E. San Bernardino Road, Covina, California. It was established in the year 1954, and is a family owned business currently run by the DiMaggio brothers, Vic and John. They have been preparing their sandwiches, pizzas, and salad using only the freshest ingredients, which have been their 'family tradition' for over fifty years.

All of Capri Deli's produce is selected by hand and brought in directly from the produce wholesaler everyday in order to ensure the highest quality and flavor. Their bread is freshly baked, and all pizzas are made by hand. As one of the cleanest restaurants in California, Capri Deli is rated "A" by the Los Angeles County Health department.

Capri Deli's Catering Service

When it comes to their catering service, Capri Deli offers their customers with box warmers that keep food hot or cold for up to 4 hours. These provide flexible serving schedule and eliminate the need for chaffing dishes. These are the perfect solution for traveling with food or for late guests. Included in their catering service are Papa "D"s Famous Lasagna, Lasagna Marinara, Lasagna with Breaded Eggplant, Ravioli (Beef or Cheese), Antipasto, Chicken Breast, Feeney Pepperoncini, Mixed Green, Fresh Fruit Platter, Tomatoes DiMaggio, and many more.

They also provide serving utensils. All of their entrees come fully cooked or ready to heat. Most of Capri Deli's catering menu items require at least one day notice. They offer 10 percent discount for churches, schools, and charitable organizations.

Capri Deli's Daily Menu

Capri Deli has a wonderful choice of entrees, coldcuts, salads, party platters, sandwiches, sides, grinders, pizza, and many other choices. As a signature style, they make their gourment beef jerky from sliced top round roast. Included in their daily menu are the Coldcut Combo, Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham or Turkey Ham, Genoa Salami or Turkey Pastrami, BBQ flavored Beef or Ham, Lasagna or Manicotti (with Green Salad), Papa D's Stuffed Roll, Chicken Breast Salad, Feeney Pepperoncini, to name a few.